Approach to Animal Welfare

This is a photo of cows together with closeup of brown and white cow.

Our Strategic Intent

The strategic intent of the Office of Animal Welfare is to drive continuous improvement in animal welfare outcomes across Tyson's operations and supply chain by identifying and mitigating risk and capturing opportunity through active collaboration, engagement and focus on research and innovation. To accomplish this, we have identified six strategic objectives which guide our work:

Optimize Resources to Meet Strategic Objectives

that defines how the OAW identifies, prioritizes and communicates its priorities and initiatives.

Enhance Animal Welfare Culture

by partnering with each business unit to grow engagement, strengthen accountability and promote ownership.

Bolster Supply Chain Transparency

through supplier assessments, robust auditing and reporting of key welfare policies, procedures and metrics.

Deliver Continuous Improvement in Welfare Outcomes

for customers and consumers by collaborating with sales and business units and enabling functions to create value through added product attribution or by providing a comprehensive understanding of welfare-related initiatives.

Continue to Be Recognized for Subject Matter Expertise

in animal welfare by our internal and external customers through technical support as well as leadership and participation in activities and organizations that lead in welfare research and policy.

Maintain Leadership Position in Research and Innovation

in animal welfare focused on delivering continuous improvement in animal welfare outcomes and value creation for customers.