Tyson Ventures


As part of Tyson’s commitment to grow bolder through innovation and achieve our mission of raising the world’s expectations for how much good food can do, Tyson Foods, Inc. launched a venture capital fund in the Fall of 2016. Tyson Ventures will invest in companies developing breakthrough technologies, business models and products to sustainably feed the growing world population.

During first year of operation, Tyson invested in the plant-based protein business Beyond Meat with 5% ownership of the company and recently increased that stake in the latest financing. During its first year, Tyson Ventures quickly saw the benefit strong connections with entrepreneurs and investors in the venture capital industry and determined that a strong integration with the core Tyson businesses could pay significant dividends. In its second year of operation, Tyson Ventures is focused on building a stronger bond between Tyson Ventures’ key investment pillars and Tyson Foods’ core business units efforts towards innovation and corporate strategic long-term goals.

Our approach

Tyson Ventures will collaborate with leading food entrepreneurs who are pioneering new products and technology that are making meaningful changes and improvements to food systems. Tyson Ventures is more than pure corporate venture capital. The team works closely with the operators of Tyson’s core business segments to diligence potential investments and add measurable value post-investment. By seeking at least a Board Observer role in every investment, Tyson Ventures will be a true strategic investor, partnering with management teams to address operational issues and position the companies for success. 

Our focus

Tyson Ventures was established with a $150 million commitment from Tyson Foods and will focus on two key investment pillars:

1. Sustainability, including companies that focus on eliminating food waste, ensuring food security, addressing food deserts and alternative proteins.

2. The Internet of Foods, which includes companies that focus on leveraging big-data enabled technologies to support precision and predictive decision making in food supply chain logistics. Direct-to-consumer food focused businesses and ecommerce platforms fall into this category as well.

Our portfolio

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Our team

Justin Whitmore, Chief Sustainability Officer & EVP, Corporate Strategy

Reese Schroeder, Managing Director

Tom Mastrobuoni, CFO

[email protected]