Culinary Innovation

Disruption isn’t just reserved for the tech industry. From the chicken nugget to portable snacking solutions like Hillshire® Snacking, Tyson Foods has always stayed in front of emerging food trends.
Where fresh thinking grows

We have some of the most highly skilled, passionate, and inventive culinary professionals pushing us forward. They look at trends and listen to consumers, retailers, and restaurants for insights into how people eat and how we can make that experience better. The result? Innovative foods that surprise and delight, including unexpected flavors, fresh, more wholesome ingredients – foods conceived with both convenience and a conscience in mind.



Tyson Discovery Center is where new products are brought to life. All of these resources make up the building blocks of the process needed to take a product from a great idea to the dinner table.


Research & Development Team Members who work at the Tyson Discovery Center


Team Members are degreed professionals with a master’s or PhD


Team Members achieved a CCS Culinologist certification from the Research Chefs Association


The art and science of food

What is a Culinologist? To us, they’re the perfect blend of culinary art and food science. They’re able to take a recipe conceived in our test kitchens and deconstruct it to make sure the recipe is just as delicious every single time it’s made.

Our chefs and culinary experts stay ahead of all the latest food trends.



Finding the right feel

Food is a multi-sensory experience. Taste, smell, look, and touch all come together in each bite. Our sensory experts examine texture, aroma, presentation and more. Then they refine the recipe to make our food appealing to every sense.


Striving to offer better options

Food behaviors are changing. Consumers want more options that fit into a healthy, active lifestyle. Our teams of nutritionists and registered dietitians are listening, guiding us as we navigate ever-changing health and nutrition science and trends.