A Global Food Company

With operations in 10 countries serving consumers and customers on five continents, our growing international presence allows us to deliver locally relevant innovation anywhere.

A Global Food Company

Video Description: We announced the creation of the Coalition for Global Protein, a multi-stakeholder initiative to advance the future of sustainable protein.

Demand for protein is global. We are, too.

The world’s population is projected to reach 10 billion people by 2050 – and between now and then, global demand for protein is expected to double. Through our growing international footprint, we’re pursuing every option to ensure customers and consumers have access to more – and more kinds – of protein, wherever they live.

Video Description: Innovation centers around the world craft recipes for local tastes and preferences.

Think globally. Innovate locally.

Companies may be global – but wherever you go, tastes and preferences are local, cultural, and unique. With international Innovation Centers placed across six countries, we’re positioned to sustainably feed the world while delivering our consumers the flavors they crave.

We meet needs globally as One Tyson.

Being “global” doesn’t just mean that we operate in more than one country. We operate with a flexible, global supply chain that allows us to meet demand, on demand, in nearly any market.

Here's where you'll find us.
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Tyson China/Korea manages the business of Tyson Foods, Inc. in China and South Korea.


Kuala Lumpur

Asia Pacific

Tyson Asia Pacific (APAC) manages the business of Tyson Foods, Inc. in Thailand, Malaysia and Australia.




Tyson Europe manages the business of Tyson Foods, Inc. in the UK, the Netherlands, and the rest of Europe.