Disaster Relief

We’re proud to support disaster relief efforts when and wherever we can. We deliver and serve hot, nutritious meals to people impacted by disaster, and the brave men and woman who show up to help. Tyson Foods has provided aid for Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ike; Superstorm Sandy; and numerous flooding and tornado incidents throughout the country.

Disaster Relief
A mobile relief unit unlike any other

Our disaster relief semi-trailer can serve approximately 15,000-20,000 meals a day to victims, first responders and volunteers at disaster sites. The 53-foot trailer is designed to help set up an organized disaster relief site quickly and act as a central supply unit that supports our on-site cook teams. In addition to this mobile kitchen, we also enlist a full deployment of 6-7 other tractor trailers that haul food product, water and equipment

Tyson Employees In Front of Truck
Our disaster relief semi-trailer was first put into action in 2012, after Superstorm Sandy.
Disaster Relief
In the aftermath of historic flooding from Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma in Florida, we served and distributed a combined 2,954,134 meals from Sept. 1–21, 2017.
Disaster Relief
In 2014, volunteers from Tyson Foods served more than 17,000 meals to tornado victims and relief workers in Pilger, Nebraska.
Tyson Foods Deploys Disaster Relief Operations to Houston
Tyson Foods Partners with Bimbo Bakeries and USA Hugg and Hall to Enhance Disaster Relief Efforts
Tyson Foods Donates 70000 Pounds of Protein to Southeast Tornado Relief