We’re taking a holistic approach to sustainability focused on social, environmental and economic stewardship. Only through a comprehensive approach can we make transformational and enduring change.

Sustaining Our World

The Formula to Feed the Future

By 2050, the world has to find a way to feed an additional 2 billion people. It’s a complex challenge and one we’re committed to helping solve by building an equitable and resilient food system — one that supports all people and sustains our planet. Our Formula is a collaborative approach that brings together both diverse expertise and scalable resources and focuses on three key ambitions:

  • Empowering People, Customers & Community
  • Conserving Natural Resources & Protecting Our Planet
  • Innovating Smart, Responsible Agriculture

Learn more about each of these at our ESG Hub, a site that contains background information on ESG-related topics, data and policies. Within the ESG Hub, you can also read our 2020 Progress Report, which details our most significant sustainability milestones during fiscal year 2020.