Community Giving

We are committed to helping the communities we serve thrive by strengthening relationships between our operating locations and the places our team members and their families live.
Community Giving

Tyson Foods works to improve the quality of life and opportunities for all our team members. We typically look to scale existing programs with positive outcomes for the community at large as well as our team members and their families. For example, Tyson Foods supported the Arkansas Foodbank Mobile Pantry Initiative with a grant of $25,000 to help provide nutritious food for the community and to expand the reach of the services.

Community giving is advised and directed by our local operating locations. If your community organization would like to secure in-kind or financial resources and your organization meets the requirements listed in the program guidelines, please follow the link to submit a grant application.


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April 26, 2024

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Strategic Philanthropy

As a protein company that employs a global workforce dedicated to feeding the world, our philanthropic efforts center on two key areas:

1. Food access and nutrition - Tyson Foods works continuously to provide communities facing hunger with access to fresh protein. Our approach includes investments and strategic partnerships with hunger relief organizations like Feeding America®, a nationwide network of food banks. To join Feeding America in its efforts or to get involved with your local food bank, visit

2. Immigrant and refugee support and resettlement - As a highly diverse company that supports and hires immigrants and refugees, Tyson Foods is committed to assisting these populations in resettling in the United States and leading successful and productive lives with their families. Our areas of investment include:

  • Resettlement services
  • Legal advocacy and support
  • Educational programs that can help support and improve the lives of those that have settled here

Tyson Foods plans to seek out international, national, and regional strategic partners each quarter that focus on providing food access, and immigration and refugee support/resettlement services at scale.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Grants
Do I qualify for a strategic investment partnership?
Do I qualify for a strategic investment partnership?

If you have not heard from Tyson Foods directly about the opportunity for a strategic investment, your organization will qualify only as a community giving partner. Tyson Foods invests only in strategic partners that focus on providing food access, and immigration and refugee support/resettlement services at scale.

What is the process in pitching my program/project to Tyson Foods Corporate Giving team?
What is the process in pitching my program/project to Tyson Foods Corporate Giving team?

To ensure an equitable process, we ask that your organization include all necessary details within your grant application. Tyson Foods Corporate Giving will not meet with organizations prior to an application cycle. The best way to secure funding from Tyson Foods is to address a systemic issue within the community, establish good community rapport, and demonstrate a willingness to work collaboratively with other local partners. Tyson Foods Corporate Giving Committee will take recommendations from our plant operations, so community voices can be amplified.

How does Tyson Foods make their granting decisions?
How does Tyson Foods make their granting decisions?

The Tyson Foods Corporate Giving team will be taking direction and recommendations from our plant operations regarding community giving. At the end of every quarter, Tyson Foods plant management will score up to 10 applications that have been submitted from their community. The Corporate Giving Committee Chairs will be scoring the remaining 10-15 grants enterprise wide. All these scores will be totaled to inform Corporate Sustainability of the applicants who are serving the greatest need within that community for that quarter.

If my application is declined, when am I eligible to reapply?
If my application is declined, when am I eligible to reapply?

Your organization will be eligible to reapply for a Community Giving grant opportunity per project/program once every fiscal year. We will allow more than one grant application for different projects/programs per year.

How can I stand out in my grant application?
How can I stand out in my grant application?

Please click the link listed above to view program guidelines. Tyson Foods wants to support programs/projects that can be scalable, solve systemic issues and are transformational, equitable and sustainable. Effective grant applications are concise and clear and describe how a project/program is impactful to the overall community. The project/program’s success should be measurable, and the organization must be willing to maintain a relationship with the local Tyson plant facility for up to one year.


Tyson Foods welcomes sponsorship proposals from organizations that align with the company’s core values and allow the company to play a vital role by funding visible contributions to the community. Submit proposals 90 days before expected advertising or promotion. For example, submit February sponsorships before November 1. The most competitive proposals should: 

  1. Benefit the communities immediately surrounding the following communities:
    • Springdale, Arkansas 
    • Dakota Dunes, South Dakota
  2. Have community benefit statements and must include: 
    • Who benefits from the funding requested?
    • What is the benefit to that audience and expected duration of that benefit?
  3. Outline the visibility of the event or project.
  4. Show how funding will be leveraged to support the organization’s primary mission. 
  5. State what part of the requested funding will be tax deductible.

Please email with any questions but submit all proposals using this tool.

Our Corporate Giving Makes an Impact in Our Communities

This is a photo of team members in front of a capitol building.

Over the past two years, we've invested more than $2.4 million to support our immigrant team members. We worked with local community organizations to provide free legal and citizenship services for qualifying team members.

This is a photo of two babies playing together.

To improve quality of life, we awarded $5 million to nonprofits delivering resources for childcare, healthcare, food access, and housing in 2021.

This is a photo from a Feeding America event, features a smiling young boy holding an apple and corn.

Tyson Foods committed $2.5 million to fight hunger in 2022. We partnered with Feeding America member food banks to provide greater access to protein in communities facing food insecurity.

This is a photo of a man loading boxes.

In 2022, we donated more than 18 million pounds of protein to regional food banks and community pantry partners across the nation.

Learn more about our community engagement