Food Insecurity

Not everyone knows what real hunger looks like, but it exists in many communities in the U.S. At Tyson Foods, addressing food insecurity is a priority. We work diligently to get food to those in need and provide support to the people who work tirelessly to end hunger every day.

This is a photo of the Meals that Matter truck with the banner, "We've donated 72 million meals to fight hunger in 2022."


Committing to the Fight

From our thousands of food bank donations over the years, grants to community organizations, and hunger-related volunteerism, we continue to focus on food insecurity efforts.

Protein donations valued at $29 million

The protein donations supported food banks, pantries and hunger relief organizations in plant communities across the nation in 2021.

18 million pounds of protein donated

In 2022, we donated 18 million pounds of food. Ten million pounds of protein went to our hunger relief partner Feeding America and its network of 200-member food banks, and 60,000 partner agencies, food pantries and meal programs.

72 million meals that matter servings

For local communities heavily impacted by natural disasters.

Highlighted in the News

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