Hunger Insecurity

Not everyone knows what real hunger looks like. But, it exists in every state, city and community in the U.S. At Tyson Foods, addressing hunger is a priority. We work diligently to get food to those in need, and provide support the people who work tirelessly to end hunger every day.

Giving Back — Hunger Relief
Committing to the Fight

From our thousands of food bank donations over the years, grants to community organizations, and hunger-related volunteerism, we continue to focus on hunger relief efforts.

$3.5 million donated

Towards 50-in-5 commitment, an effort to donate $50 million in cash and in-kind donations over 5 years for hunger relief.

9+ million pounds of food donated

Of the 9.7 million pounds of food donated, 9.3 million went towards our 50-in-5 commitment in 2017.

3.7 million meals that matter servings

For local communities heavily impacted by natural disasters.

Meals that matter - team with donation check

Here’s to the heroes who do the real work to end hunger

We created the Hunger Heroes program to recognize the amazing people who make a difference in their communities by combating hunger. Heroes are nominated by colleagues and are formally recognized by Tyson Foods.


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