Food Quality Leader

Discover how we’re leading the industry in food safety. Delivering the very best food means flavor, but it also means quality and safety. Tyson Foods is using the latest technology and methods to test and safeguard our food.

It's our expertise that sets us apart

From the farm to the plant to the loading dock and beyond, the Food Safety & Laboratory Services Network performs multiple tests on our products and our manufacturing environments to protect potential food quality or safety issues.

This diverse group of team members also works closely with our Research & Development team to help develop new products. Our Chemistry Department routinely performs the testing needed to determine nutritional content for product packaging.

Quality counts

To ensure quality, our food plants and related facilities have on-site branch labs where we continuously train our plant management and lab technicians.

We also perform regularly scheduled audits to maintain accurate and consistent methodology and test results.

Ensuring proper food safety

Our Food Safety and Quality Assurance Team is passionate about making great food safe. Safe food requires a culture that puts safety first. This means responsibility for food safety lies with everyone from the plant floor to the CEO's office.

That is why we created the Sentinel Site Program®, a rigorous method for testing for post-processing contamination to ensure safe, responsible food for our consumers.

In addition, our plants, processes, and meats are routinely checked for quality and safety, both internally and through third party audits. See our our letters of guarantee and industry certifications.