Faith in the Workplace

When all beliefs and ideas are expressed in the workplace, everyone benefits. Here at Tyson Foods, faith and spiritual commitments are valued and respected.

Compassion no matter the belief

Our culture is what we call, “faith-friendly.” Many of our team members come to work with a set of beliefs about themselves, their world and how they should live in it. We welcome the whole person, when it comes to matters of faith, even those who don’t identify as "religious." Our team members’ beliefs matter and their respectful expressions are welcomed.

2000 Year Established

Our chairman, helped coordinate our first group of chaplains, who began their service in October of 2000.

98 Dedicated Chaplains

provide compassionate pastoral care to team members and their families, no matter what their religious affiliation or beliefs might be.

122k Team Members

can reach out at any time to a dedicated chaplain when they need to someone to listen to them, encourage them, or even pray with them if they wish.