Our Commitment to Sustainability

Enable our team members to reach their unique potential.

Engagement and Retention

Most of our workforce — some 102,000 team members — are hourly and work in our U.S. chicken, beef, pork and prepared foods production facilities. This is a diverse segment of our workforce comprised of many recent immigrants to the U.S. The remainder of our 13,000 team members are salaried and primarily work in plant management support and corporate positions.

We are committed to cultivating an organization of diverse team members, and we maintain a talent strategy aimed at attracting the best talent, recognizing and rewarding their performance, developing and retaining them. We support our team members by making sure they have the tools and resources they need to be successful such as on-boarding and regular training; a safe workplace; competitive compensation and benefits; and life skills training.


Upward Academy Launch Projections


Compensation and Benefits
Compensation & Benefits

We work to ensure that our team members receive fair compensation that is commensurate to their experience and skills. We provide them and their families with affordable health, life, dental, vision and prescription drug benefits. Additionally, we have made improvements in our benefits that include more vacation and holidays, as well as improvements in short- and long-term disability coverage, education assistance, adoption assistance and more.


Inclusion and Diversity

At Tyson Foods, we embrace the diversity of our team members, customers, stakeholders and consumers — their unique backgrounds, experiences, thoughts and talents. Everyone is valued and appreciated for their distinct contributions to the growth and sustainability of our business. We maintain six business resource groups that play a critical role in implementing our inclusion and diversity commitments by offering business impact, community outreach, and team member support and development across our enterprise locations.

We are also committed to cultivating an inclusive workplace that supports and empowers all team members, regardless of their race, color, national origin, religion, age, disability, genetics information, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran or any other protected status. We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and our policies comply with all federal, state and local employment laws.

We remain committed to the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion pledge, committing us to fostering a workplace where we welcome and respect diverse experiences and thoughts, and where our team members feel comfortable and encouraged to openly discuss diversity and inclusion issues. Through this pledge, Tyson Foods joins more than 250 other companies whose CEOs are dedicated to promoting a more diverse and inclusive workplace in their organizations.


Inclusion and Diversity
Health and Safety

Taking care of business means taking care of each other.

The production of our poultry, fresh meats and prepared foods plants is “people-centric.”

While our facilities have some automation, most of our production is carried out by team members who use their hands to harvest animals, cut meat, and package food.

We employ hundreds of health and safety team members across the company who are focused on safety training, safety audits, ergonomics, health care and more. We aspire to zero work-related injuries and have a goal to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses by 10-percent year-over-year. In FY2018, we reduced our total recordable incident rate by 22-percent as compared to our FY2017 performance. Continuing to achieve this goal will build on a significant amount of progress that has been realized in recent years.


OSHA Recordables

Ethics and Compliance

Our ethics are guided by our Core Values, Code of Conduct, Team Behaviors (also known as our 5Cs) and Team Member Bill of Rights, which outline team member rights, benefits and responsibilities. Our policies and practices follow the human rights principles set forth in the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization’s Fundamental Principles and Labor Standards. Team member rights are further strengthened through various programs.

Ethics Help Line Complaint Areas


  • Annual Compliance Training. We require all team members and directors to participate in annual compliance training on topics including our Code of Conduct and various laws and key policies. This training ensures our team members and directors understand our policies prohibit any kind of illegal or unethical behavior and their obligation to report real or suspected violations promptly.
  • Social Compliance Auditing Program. Our Social Compliance Program began in 2015 and allows us to be more proactive in our social compliance efforts. Our goal is to provide our customers transparency into our workplace conditions, which include worker treatment, voice, compensation and safety so they have a reasonable assurance of our commitment to social responsibility. A third-party firm audits approximately 25-percent of our production facilities per year. The auditors use Workplace Conditions Assessment criteria to verify our adherence to the four pillars of social compliance standards in labor, health and safety, environment and business integrity.
  • Ethics Help Line. At Tyson Foods, team members’ voices are meant to be heard. All team members are actively encouraged to speak with local management and human resources representatives, or to contact the ethics and compliance department or the human resources director regarding any ethics questions, complaints or concerns they may have. We provide a toll-free number and web-based reporting mechanism (Ethics Help Line) for team members who are obligated to report suspected violations of our Code of Conduct or the law. The Ethics Help Line is operated by an independent third party and allows team members to raise issues anonymously and without fear of retaliation if they don’t feel comfortable reporting it to their local supervisor or human resources, or don’t feel that the issue is being properly addressed.
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Our Commitment:
Reduce our environmental impact as we feed the world.


Our Commitment:
Transparently advance animal welfare and experience.


Our Commitment:
Sustainably feed the world with safe, high-quality and nutritious food products.


Our Commitment:
Support the communities we serve where help is needed most.


Our Commitment:
Enable our team members to reach their unique potential.