Video Description: This is a video about Tyson Foods animal welfare and innovation.

By 2050 the world must find a way to feed an additional 2 billion people. It’s a complex challenge that Tyson Foods is committed to helping solve by working to build an equitable and resilient food system—one that supports all people and sustains our planet.

From animal welfare to the well-being of our team members, we continually innovate to make the highest-quality protein more sustainable and accessible across the globe. Now, you can take a 360-degree tour of two Tyson facilities that are helping us solve some of the biggest challenges for food suppliers of today and tomorrow and meet the dedicated team members working to meet the increasing demand for protein in responsible and sustainable ways.

At the Broiler Welfare Research Farm, our team is researching key aspects of broiler chicken welfare, such as lighting, enrichments and stocking density. This research is based on an approach that allows animal choice to guide our actions and helps us do our best – for every animal, every day – because getting safe, quality protein to family tables around the world is a top priority at Tyson Foods. And that starts on the farm.

The innovation team at the Tyson Manufacturing Automation Center (TMAC) is working to create a safer workplace environment for our team members by developing automation solutions to handle some of the more difficult or physically demanding jobs. And when these solutions are put in place, our team members also learn new skills and grow in their career. Tyson Foods — Investing in our people, investing in animal welfare, investing in the future.