Report a Concern

report a concern

Every team member and Director has the responsibility to ask questions and seek guidance. Team members and Directors are required to promptly report any known or suspected violation of Tyson’s Code of Conduct, laws or unethical conduct. Team members can contact their supervisor, a member of management, and/or an HR representative. Retaliation against anyone who comes forward to raise genuine concerns will not be tolerated.

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Have Questions?
Feel free to contact the Ethics Line at  1-888-301-7304.

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or directly email the
Ethics & Compliance Department 

ETHICS & COMPLIANCE DEPARTMENT | 2200 Don Tyson Parkway (CP006) | Springdale, AR 72762

Have questions you are unable to answer by reading the Code or company policy? We encourage you to refer to the policy, ask a member of management, your local HR representative, or the Ethics & Compliance Department using the online form or email

If you are aware of or suspect any violation of our Code, company policies or the law, you have a duty to raise your concerns. We encourage you to raise your concerns to your supervisor, a member of management or your local HR representative.