Ethics & Compliance

Team member in hairnet smiling with glasses

The Tyson Foods Code of Conduct outlines expected behaviors for all Tyson team members and members of the Board of Directors. All actions and behaviors should be consistent with Tyson’s core values. Tyson expects that all team members and Directors will conduct business fairly, ethically and in compliance with all applicable policies, laws and regulations. These core values are the cornerstone of all Tyson interactions with customers, suppliers, communities and each other. Tyson team members and Directors must not engage in conduct that may raise questions as to Tyson’s honesty, integrity or otherwise cause embarrassment to the Company. Team members and Directors will treat each other with dignity and respect and will refrain from any type of harassment or discrimination.

Our Commitment to Tyson's Core Values

Tyson team members and Directors will demonstrate commitment to Tyson’s core values by operating with integrity and applying high ethical standards, including by:

  • Not engaging in any activity that might create a conflict of interest for any team member, Director or the Company.
  • Not taking advantage of their position in order to seek personal gain.
  • Observing fair dealing in all transactions and interactions.
  • Protecting all company assets and using them only for appropriate company approved activities.
  • Complying with the Code of Conduct, all applicable processes, policies, laws, rules and regulations.