Company Brand Guide

These guidelines are meant to articulate the Tyson Foods brand by demonstrating its design elements and their use. Questions? Please contact the Corporate Communications team at if you have questions about company brand guidelines.


Our Logo

The legacy of our company is one of food, family and a pioneering spirit. We work hard today while dreaming about what could be tomorrow. From John W. Tyson’s humble start to our company’s meaningful new purpose, Tyson is a family, and a business – of innovation, progress and momentum.

Using the Logo

Always Include Trademark Line

The following text should be included in the piece: Tyson is a registered trademark of Tyson Foods, Inc. This can be placed in small type at the bottom or end of the media, package, or label.

Space Around the Logo

Clear space helps maintain the integrity and prominence of logos.

  1. To ensure maximum legibility, the area around the logo should optimally be the height of the letter "n."
  2. Keep this area clear to create a safety zone around logo artwork to help avoid obstruction with the artwork elements.
  3. Simple backgrounds and colors are exceptions to this rule.


Logo Rules

Use it Correctly

  1. Never use anything but the approved and provided logo.
  2. Never attempt to create your own company logo.
  3. Never use the logo in a crowded space.
  4. Never use the logo as part of a sentence or phrase.
  5. Never reproduce the logo in non-approved colors.
  6. Never stretch or alter the logo.
  7. Never alter the orientation of the logo.
  8. Never print on top of the logo or use the logo as a watermark.

Several file formats are available for use. The following notes should help you download the best format:

  • AI Format: A vector format for use with Adobe Illustrator on screen and in print, at any size. 
  • EPS Format: A vector format for use on screen and in print, at any size. 
  • PNG Format: A raster format for use on screen and in print with a transparent background. Files should not be enlarged. 

Logo Files

Full Color
One Color
One Color Black
Reverse Color

Our Color Palette

Primary Colors

Our logo has three core colors: Tyson Red, Tyson Yellow and White. A rich black is also including for when color is not an option and to create contrast. 

Colors 1

Secondary Colors

Our secondary colors compliment the primary palette with deeper tones of Burgundy, Charcoal and Gold, and a lighter balance of classic Khaki. 

Colors 2


We use two American-made type families – Sentinel and Proxima Nova. Both have been expertly drawn for print, web and Microsoft Office.

Our primary typeface is Sentinel, a serif by Hoefler&Co. Our secondary typeface is Proxima Nova, a sans serif by Mark Simonson. Purchase Sentinel as a Basic set for each user (approximately $200-400 for 1-5 users). Purchase Proxima Nova in Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic weights for each user (approximately $120-210 for 1-5 users).

If only system standard fonts are available, use Century Schoolbook as a substitute for Sentinel and Arial as a substitute for Proxima Nova.


Our Brand Lockup

Our hero brands should always be displayed in this order. 

Logo Lineup

Business Uses of the Brand

Does your document include non-public data? if so, one of the following must be added to the footer following Tyson Foods Data Classification policies. 

  • Tyson Confidential

  • Tyson Restricted Confidential [insert restricted group]


Download PowerPoint® template to utilize slides and deck, as needed.


Download letterhead or fax cover sheet.

Virtual Backgrounds

Download one of our virtual backgrounds for use on the Microsoft® Teams interface.

LinkedIn Banners 

Download one of our social media banners for use on your personal LinkedIn accounts. 

Email Signatures 

Uniform email signatures communicate our company as one, unified team. We suggest creating two versions: a primary full version and a brief version. Copy and paste the below examples to customize your email signature.

If you'd like, include your personal pronouns after your full name.

Tyson Logo

Team Member Name, Title or Position
Department, Division

Office 000-000-0000, Mobile 000-000-0000
Work Email

Full Version

Team Member Name, Title or Position
Department, Division

Office 000-000-0000, Mobile 000-000-0000

2200 W. Don Tyson Parkway
Springdale, Arkansas 72762

Brief Version

Team Member Name, Title or Position

Office 000-000-0000, Mobile 000-000-0000