Brand Evolution

While our logo has changed over the years, our values have remained the same. We’re made up of humble, honest, hardworking people focused on bringing you the best food we can.
Pointing forward

The weathervane is the farmer’s compass, it signals direction. At Tyson Foods, our compass points forward. Our “T” monogram creates a crest that speaks to both the direction of the company — always moving forward, focused on the future, raising expectations — and its strong family roots.

Explore Our Evolution
Birth of a world-class brand
Birth of a World-Class Brand

In the late 1930s, John W. Tyson establishes the foundation for one of the world's largest protein businesses: Tyson’s Feed & Hatchery. 

The Pride of Tyson
The Pride of Tyson

During the late 1950s and into the 1960s, Tyson products are marketed under the Tyson’s Pride® brand.

The Blue Oval
The Blue Oval

In the 1960s, Buddy Wray, former Tyson Foods President and COO designs the first oval logo. 

Tyson Foods Logo 1972
Big Red

In 1972, the company name changes to Tyson Foods, Inc. but the “Big Red” logo continues to be used for a time.

The Blue & White Oval Logo 1972
The Blue & White Oval

In 1972, the blue and white oval logo first appears in the Tyson Foods Annual Report.

Tyson Foods Logo 1973
Modern Transitions

By 1973, a red outline is added around the blue and white oval logo. Between 1975 and 1978, the logo colors change to be more attractive in grocers’ display cases.

A Bolder Look Logo 1995
A Bolder Look

In 1995, the Tyson logo is redesigned to strengthen the company’s colors and make the image bolder.

A Fresh Look Logo 2005
A Fresh Look

In 2005, the logo is updated and made more readable and easily recognized by consumers.

Today's Tyson Foods
Today's Tyson Foods

While our oval logo remains for our consumer brand, our new corporate logo ushers in a new, modern look.