Technology at Tyson Foods

In Technology, we're transforming the way Tyson works.

You might be surprised with the tech we're exploring at Tyson! From AI and machine learning to robotics and automation, what we work on is found on farms, in plants, at our corporate offices, and in the hands of our CEO.

Cloud-native solutions
React web + mobile development
Container-based architecture
Machine vision solutions
VR for the workplace

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With Tyson Technology, we work with phenomenal humans to solve challenges core to a basic need: protein.
Data Science
Data Science and Analytics

Our data scientists are developing algorithms to surface new insights and improve the decisions we make.


Our architects investigate new technology and lay the foundational structure for our technical solutions.

Data Engineering
Data Engineering

Our developers and engineers understand, organize, and develop ways to harness the power of our data.

Cloud and Infrastructure
Cloud and Infrastructure

We have a wide variety of infrastructure needs and are increasing our adoption of cloud native solutions.

Project and Program Management
Project and Program Management

Our program and project managers excel at coordinating work across our functions using agile methodologies.

Strategy and Business Development
Strategy and Business Development

Our analysts future proof and plan out how our technology teams partner for Tyson Foods' long-term success.

We're Proud of Our People

Women in Technology

We believe diverse leadership leads to a healthier organization. We're committed to growing our strengths together and overcoming unconscious bias.

Where We Work

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Springdale, AR
Torreón, México
Torreón, México
Bengaluru, India
Bengaluru, India
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18 Oct 2022
Tyson exec: Northwest Arkansas poised to become technology hub


Scott Spradley believes Northwest Arkansas, home to Walmart and Tyson Foods, is known around the world as a supply chain and logistics center of excellence. That awareness has resulted in an onslaught of new company expansion in the past five years.

29 Mar 2022
Tech@Tyson opens a key IT hub in Europe

Our Lisbon IT Hub is laying the groundwork for the people, systems, and processes necessary to support Tyson Foods’ expansion into the European markets.

24 Feb 2022
Ingestion as a Service: How Tyson Foods reimagined their Data Platform

Tyson uses DICE to set up secure data ingestion jobs in minutes without having to manage complex connections or write, deploy, and support their own code.

01 Feb 2022
Industrial automation at Tyson Foods with computer vision, AWS Panorama, and Amazon SageMaker

This is the first in a two-part blog series on how Tyson Foods, Inc., is utilizing machine learning to automate industrial processes at their meat packing plants by bringing the benefits of artificial intelligence applications at the edge.

27 Jul 2021
Tyson Ventures invest in Soft Robotics

Tyson Ventures, invests to further the tech company’s work in artificial intelligence applications used in meat processing.

27 Jul 2021
Post-pandemic, supply chains retool for a new (ab)normal

COVID-19 didn’t break the supply chain, it simply accelerated changes already underway, says MIT’s Yossi Sheffi. His new book details what’s coming next.

27 Jul 2021
Tyson puts support behind national cattle disease traceability systems

This spring, Tyson Fresh Meats became the first beef processor to make a major move toward a nationwide cattle traceability system.