Workplace Safety

We value our employees (whom we call Team Members) and want to make sure they stay safe on the job. That’s why providing a safe place to work is so important to us. We have extensive safety and health training, programs and policies in place at all of our facilities. All Tyson Foods Team Member receive detailed safety training and orientation at the beginning of their careers in our facilities. They also receive ongoing training, available in multiple languages, that is designed to keep them informed of important safety requirements, enhancements and best practices. In addition, we have established and implemented detailed safety programs and policies at each Tyson Foods facility. Many of our facilities have safety and ergonomic committees, which include the participation of hourly production Team Members. We also have full-time safety managers and occupational health nurses employed at the majority of our facilities and at the corporate level. Managers hold regular “line meetings” to address safety-related topics with Team Members. Regular workplace safety and health audits are also conducted by our facility management teams. In addition, our corporate health and safety professionals visit each facility at least once a year and conduct a compliance audit every two years. We want our Team Members to know workplace safety is everybody’s responsibility. To help emphasize this priority, in 2010 we started the “I Got Your Back!” safety accountability campaign. This campaign gives our Team Members the power and responsibility to stop a co-worker if they see them doing something that could result in an injury or create a safety hazard. Tyson Foods is continually investing in workplace safety. We’re also actively involved in ergonomics, which is the science of making the workplace fit the worker. Our efforts in this area include developing, making and installing equipment or tools designed to eliminate physically demanding jobs or make them easier.