Healthcare & Insurance

Please contact your local human resources manager for more information about your health benefits and insurance.
Understanding Health Insurance

The below PDFs explain why it is important to have health insurance, how to get health insurance, options for family members, and common costs associated like “premiums”, “copay”, and “coinsurance”.

Download health insurance fact sheets below:

Where to Go for Care

This video explains what a primary care doctor is and the cost difference between primary care, urgent care, and emergency care.

Download fact sheets below:

Your Visit to the Doctor

This video defines primary care doctor (PCP) and key things to understand about doctor appointments like, what to bring to the appointment, and what to expect at the appointment.

Download fact sheets below:

Preventive Care

The video covers the importance of preventative care and the difference between acute and chronic illness.

Download fact sheets below:

Understanding Prescriptions

The video will help provide a general explanation of prescriptions including what they are and how to fill them.

Download fact sheets below:

What is Diabetes?

The video covers what diabetes is and how to manage it.

Download fact sheets below:

Healthy Eating for Your Brain and Body

This video covers how nutrition affects your health.

Download fact sheets below:

Taking Care of Your Hypertension

This video covers what hypertension is and how it affects their health.

Download fact sheets below:

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