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Tyson Foods Thailand team members
Turning Cooking Oil into Biodiesel: A Tyson Foods Thailand Story
by Eileen Koh

At our Tyson Thailand manufacturing plants, we have been working diligently to recycle our used cooking oil for many years — after the used oil is accumulated in a secure collection container, it is removed by a third-party recycler and further processed into biofuels that, in turn, can be used as a renewable energy source. 

This is a photo of a team member featured in the blog story.
“Never Stop Learning:” Immigrant Team Member Finds Support in her Tyson Community
by Cheyenne Autry Striefler

As we move through Diversity Month this April, we’re proud to recognize the dynamic team members that make up Tyson Foods, who all bring a variety of experiences, beliefs and lifestyles to our workplace and help us better feed the world. Team members like Teodora Statz.

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Honoring Holocaust Remembrance Day: Yom HaShoah
by Barry Jacobs

As a first generation American, I grew up in the shadow of World War II, understanding at an early age that something terrible had taken place. My parents, both immigrants from Germany, had barely escaped the violence that encapsulated Europe. My mother’s parents and her three younger sisters were not so fortunate. They perished in 1942.

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