What Makes Me Confident in Our Future

Sally Grimes, Group President, Prepared Foods

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Today, we presented at the annual Consumer Analyst Group of New York Conference, otherwise known as CAGNY. We’re hitting our stride as a modern food company, and we took the opportunity to share that story with analysts and investors who cover the food industry. 

Simply put: The demand for protein is growing, and we’re evolving alongside consumers to feed them what they want to eat. During our presentation, we unveiled our latest innovations – and we’re not stopping there. Consumers expect more from food companies today, and we’re up for the challenge. We will exceed their expectations and grow our business. 

Our approach to doing that is what makes me confident in our future. We’re more agile than you’d expect a big company to be! Here’s a peek into the last few lines of my portion of our presentation.


“I’ll leave you with the answer to a question I often get. Where is big CPG going to find growth? The answer is happening at Tyson – right now.

We are activating a suite of growth models. This allows us the flexibility to match the solution to the opportunity and expand our overall growth capacity.  

We build. We buy. We invest. And we partner.

•    We thrive in core categories through well-developed brand building and innovation and apply them in new ways like The Tyson Innovation Lab. 

•    Through M&A like AdvancePierre we buy new capabilities, new brands and create new economies of scale. 

•    Tyson Ventures enables us to invest in early stage growth opportunities.

•    And, we partner with brands and businesses like Tajin that share our values and bring complementary capabilities to the table.

We’ve stopped using old tools to try to solve new problems. This is all about using new ways to solve new problems to innovate faster than the consumer and market changes.”     


Published: Feb 20, 2018.