Nic Belmonte

Manager of Brand Design 

Nic Belmonte

Nic Belmonte is one of the design leads at Tyson Foods in their Chicago HQ. In this role, Nic focuses on being a catalyst for brand strategy and design; melding the talents and ideas of many to create a meaningful consumer experience.

Nic joined Tyson Foods, then Hillshire Brands, in 2013 after having worked on the businesses during his tenure at a boutique Chicagoland design agency. Before that, Nic worked in marketing for LEGOLAND while managing a rock band. He’s spent his career crafting memorable experiences for audiences, guests, and consumers alike striving to bring moments of joy to their day.

He brings the same enthusiasm for life and happiness home where he and his wife Kelly spend time inside their 2-year old son’s growing imagination. He also spends his spare time in his workshop crafting the next DIY project.

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Nic Belmonte, design in action
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JAN 24, 2019

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