Julie Sielaff

Communication, Capabilities and Leadership Manager for Commercial Sales

Julie Sielaff

Julie has been with Tyson Foods for two years, facilitating socialization, uptake and cultural evolution for the Commercial Sales team across its capabilities and leadership initiatives. She has a passion for telling a story, creating order out of chaos and chasing a constantly moving finish line. She finds that her CliftonStrengths five core strengths—Individualization, Strategic, Responsibility, Input and Relator—explain a lot about the successes, challenges and adventures she’s had over the years.

Prior to Tyson Foods, Julie most recently honed her communications strategic planning and execution skills at Accenture, where she helped build an internal presence and program for a new business division, engaging a global audience over 39,000 strong. Over the years she has provided innovative marketing and communications strategy and results to small, medium and large organizations.

Julie grew up in the Detroit, Michigan area and believes that it will again become a premier urban destination for travelers and businesses in her lifetime—not necessarily in the ways it once was but in new, unexpected and future-forward ways. That said, she’s been a Chicago resident for 19 years and is partway through a major gut rehabilitation of the home she shares with her husband and their two adopted pit bulls. Unlike Detroit, the home renovation project may not come to realization in her lifetime.

When not working with small power tools small or comparing paint samples, Julie enjoys entertaining, reading, photography and travel. She’s trying her hand at gardening to mixed results.

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