Reducing Sodium

Molly Miller, Registered Dietitian - At Tyson Foods, we are committed to making great food and making a difference. That’s why we provide healthful food options and started a corporate-wide initiative to reduce sodium in our products without significantly affecting flavor or impairing food safety. We use tools to help formulate new and existing products to make sure they taste good and meet our targets for reduced sodium. In addition, we’re working with our restaurant and other food service customers to provide products with less sodium to help with their menu planning.



Karen Shank, Nutrition Manager, Research and Development, Registered Dietitian - We understand how difficult it may be for people who have an intolerance for gluten, and we're dedicated to creating products that not only fill that need, but also taste great.


Healthy Animals - Healthy Food

Scott Gustin, Director, Veterinary Services – Since healthy animals mean safe and healthy food, we’re committed to making sure the farm animals we depend on are raised responsibly. This includes the involvement of veterinarians and the careful use of antibiotics.


Safe, High Quality Food

Suzanne Finstad, Director, Food Safety & Regulatory Compliance – We’re committed to producing safe, healthy food. In fact, we have programs, processes and technology covering all aspects of food safety. We also employ a food safety and quality staff of more than 2,100 people.

Employment Verification

Alex Sanchez, Employment Compliance Specialist – Our company uses all available government tools to help verify the documents of the people we hire. We have also spent millions of dollars on training, computer systems and help from outside consultants to make sure we’re employing people who are authorized to work in the U.S.

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