What's in a Chicken Nugget

We make many different types of chicken nuggets to meet the needs of our grocery and restaurant customers and, ultimately, consumers. For example, we make gluten-free nuggets, as well as those that are lightly-breaded or have whole-grain breading. We also offer chicken nuggets made from whole-muscle white meat. Our nuggets can vary in flavor, shape and breading; however, the primary ingredient in all of them is chicken meat. Most are made with breast meat, but some contain leg or thigh meat. Some nuggets contain mechanically separated chicken or soy to reduce cost, and some include skin for texture. The meat can be cut into the nugget shape, or formed if made from ground chicken, then, breaded and baked or fried. All ingredients are listed on the package. In addition, all chicken used in nuggets is inspected by the USDA and has met federal inspection standards.