Tyson Foods Communities

Positive Ripple Effect

Tyson Foods is an economic engine for communities in the United States from the Pacific Northwest to the Atlantic coast. We pay wages, provide benefits and pay taxes in more than 80 plant communities across 25 states. Our economic impact is felt even farther however.

Even states where we have no production facilities – like Montana – realize a significant annual financial benefit in the form of our cattle purchases. We buy tons of grain, pay utilities and buy diesel across the nation. We don’t just use resources, however. We manage them.

We’ve cut our water usage by 21 percent per finished pound of product since 2004. We’ve increased recycling and reduced emissions, and received an “A” grade on our most recent Sustainability Report from Global Reporting Initiative in its latest corporate social responsibility report (February 2013).

And still our economic footprint across the U.S. alone is more than $20 billion. With about 115,000 Team Members globally, our footprint also stretches through 400 locations around the world. We do business on six continents and have production facilities on three.

Team Members at our locations routinely volunteer to help with community and charity events to make a difference in their communities, from annual community parades to campaigns for national nonprofits. From 2010-2012, for example, our Team Members donated more than $4.75 million to United Way campaigns in plant communities.

From the Great Wall to the Great Plains, Tyson Foods contributes to economies big and small.