Leading the Way in Food Safety

We're passionate about making great food safe. Our Food Safety and Quality Assurance (FSQA) team is a diverse group of nearly 2,300 people. Among us are experts in every area of food safety and quality assurance. But safe food requires more than that. It takes a culture that puts safety first! This means we are all responsible for food safety from the plant to the CEO's office.

Plant FSQA Management and Management Support

Each plant is staffed with a team that is trained to verify compliance to Food Safety and Quality Assurance Programs.

Laboratory Services

A network of corporate, regional and field laboratories that provide analytical services to processing plants and other divisions of Tyson Foods with a multitude of chemical and biological based analyses.

Statistics Group

Corporate based statistics team comprised of statisticians and SPC specialists that develop sampling plans and analyze data to determine statistical significance and provide on-site assessment of process control needs to provide on-going process improvements and monitoring tools.

Corporate FSQA Management

Corporate teams are in place to oversee plant FSQA staff; develop FSQA programs and policies; interact with our teams in sales, marketing, product development, operations, and distribution; and work with regulators and customers.

Corporate Regulatory Compliance

Oversees compliance auditing, assists with Global Food Safety Initiative Certification, develops FSQA Policy, interacts with all levels of regulatory agencies and ensures policies are designed to meet or exceed regulatory requirements.