Charitable Giving Grants 

In addition to our national hunger relief programs, we invest in community projects that make a difference in the Tyson Foods communities where we live and work. Learn More about Tyson Foods' Locations >> 

We provide charitable investments in our communities through a strategic grant process. The majority of these donations focus on specific target areas within the following categories:

Hunger Relief

Our support for hunger relief includes community grants and national partnerships. We seek to support community feeding programs that benefit children, seniors, and others at risk of hunger or with limited access to food (i.e. backpack programs, elder feeding programs).   Learn more.


Health and Nutrition

We seek to support programs that provide nutritious meals and/or nutrition education to an underserved, food insecure client base. We are also interested in programs that focus on disease prevention through diet and nutrition. Learn more.



We seek to support K-12, post-secondary and nonprofit programs related to the education and promotion of the following fields of study: Technical or STEM-related, Agriculture, English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL)/Diversity, and Food Safety/Research. Learn more.


Community Development

We seek to support programs that enhance or revitalize Tyson Foods communities by providing needed infrastructure or greater access to quality of life amenities; in part, community amenities include recreational, health care or educational facilities (e.g., parks, YMCAs, hospitals, libraries). Learn more


Environment & Sustainable Agriculture

We seek to support programs that promote healthy and productive soil, water and air through conservation and rehabilitation efforts; programs that support food system partners to reduce emissions, materials, and waste at various points across the food supply chain (farm-to-table); and programs that provide assistance and tools to farmers and ranchers to optimize management practices including increased adoption of clean efficient energy sources.     Learn more.   

Application Submissions:

Tyson Foods reviews requests below $50,000 year round and has two grant review periods for requests of $50,000 and above, one in winter and one in summer. If your request is below $50,000, please complete the eligibility quiz to determine if you should submit your Letter of Intent (LOI).For requests of $50,000 and above, there are two main 10 to 12 week grant periods. These are the steps in our grant process for those requests:

Our grant review periods are February and July. Letters of Intent (LOIs) for requests of $50,000 and above have deadline dates of December 1 and May 1 for review. If the LOI is approved for full proposal submission, we request proposals (RFPs) from prospective grantees and ask that they be returned by January 15 and June 15. If the LOI is denied, the requester will be notified. We then review RFPs and determine which grants to fund. After funding decisions are determined, we distribute checks as soon as possible.

Requests of $50,000 and above will be reviewed by the Tyson Foods Corporate Charitable Giving Committee. The Committee typically meets in February and July. (At the discretion of the Corporate Social Responsibility department, requests between $25,000-$50,000 may also go to the committee.) To submit an LOI, please complete our eligibility quiz. You can begin the quiz here.

Tyson Foods uses an online Letter of Intent (LOI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) system. The process is designed to allow both prospective nonprofit organizations and the company to maximize time and resources in the grant-making process. With limited funds, the process is highly competitive, and there will be many worthwhile proposals that the company will not be able to support. All applicants will be notified in writing by the Corporate Social Responsibility department of the final decision on their requests. Due to the volume of requests, we are unable to communicate status of proposals during review timeframes.