Auditing Partners

Growing Consumers’ Confidence

Food Safety audits are a system of checks and balances that help our company and others produce safe, high quality food. Standards, such as those certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), have created a baseline of acceptability – a baseline that our people work hard to exceed every day.

Customer Food Safety and Quality Audits

Most customers require their suppliers to undergo at least one food safety audit annually. The audits can be expensive and time consuming, but we want our customers and our consumers to know that we work hard to keep our commitment to making great food safe. The audits give us rigorous feedback to help fine tune our food safety practices. Customer audits performed by third parties are one way we help grow our customers’ and consumers’ confidence.

Third-Party and Internal Audits

We have frequent audits conducted by our corporate food safety teams, plant food safety teams, and third-party auditors who provide audit information to federal regulators, customers, and many different trusted certification bodies, such as NSF, Silliker, and Food Safety Net.