Product and Environmental Safety

Our Food Safety & Laboratory Services Network helps to ensure that from farm to fork, food safety and quality are a top priority. We perform more than 350,000 tests per month at our labs around the country.  Most of our laboratories are ISO 17025 certified and have multiple accreditations and certifications appropriate to the services they perform.

Chemical Testing

Our chemists provide general proximate analysis, analytical chemistry, pesticide residue analysis, and complete product nutritional analysis to the many divisions of Tyson Foods.

Microbiological Testing

We perform a wide array of microbiological tests for product research and development, food products, pet treats, and sanitation monitoring for production facilities.

Serological Testing

In addition to our microbiological and chemical testing, our lab teams provide serological testing for our live production teams to monitor the health of our flocks. Every flock of our chickens is tested for Avian Influenza, among other diseases, prior to leaving the farm.

WBA Labs

WBA Analytical Laboratories is the commercial name of our Laboratory Services group. We offer a full range of chemical and microbiological testing services to outside parties. For more information and our catalog visit