Tyson New Ventures, LLC



As part of its commitment to innovation and growth, Tyson Foods, Inc. has launched a venture capital fund, Tyson New Ventures, LLC, that will invest in companies developing breakthrough technologies, business models and products to sustainably feed a growing world population.

Tyson will make available $150 million to the fund, which has been named Tyson New Ventures LLC, to complement the company’s continuing investment in innovation in its core fresh meats, poultry and prepared foods businesses.

The fund will concentrate on three areas in the foods space: commercializing delicious, safe and affordable alternative proteins; tackling food insecurity and food loss through market making and other commercial models; and tapping the internet of food to promote more precise and productive resource application, safety, and consumer empowerment in the food chain. Tyson New Ventures will invest in these entrepreneurial food businesses and leverage Tyson Foods’ expertise to boost their development. The first investment involves Tyson Foods’ previously-announced five percent ownership stake in plant-based protein producer Beyond Meat. 

This fund is about broadening our exposure to innovative, new forms of protein and ways of producing food, while remaining focused on our core fresh meats, poultry and prepared foods businesses, which are also experiencing tremendous consumer demand and growth.


Tyson New Ventures will collaborate with promising food entrepreneurs who are pioneering new products and technology that are making meaningful changes and improvement to food systems. 

We believe we can accelerate the growth of startups through our capabilities in such areas as food and culinary research and development, sourcing, insights, customer relationships and distribution. By doing so, we hope to materially advance the state of the U.S. and global food system.

Investment Focus

We are focused on these key investment areas:

  • Great-Tasting Alternative Proteins

  • Profitable business models to eliminate food loss and insecurity

  • “Internet of Food” technologies that leverage big data, drones, robotics or even consumer information platforms to empower consumers and drive more efficient resource application and performance throughout the food chain.


Entrepreneurs interested in working with us can reach out via email: