Working as a Team


There are 124,000 people – we call them Team Members – who work for Tyson Foods and are crucial to the continued success of our company.

Our Team Members

Tyson Foods is a company of people who work hard to produce safe, great-tasting food for customers all over the world. Learn More >>


Pride in Feeding The World


Farmers who work the land and care for the animals are at the heart of Tyson Foods’ success.


Family Farmers

Quality protein starts on the farm with the responsible, hard-working family farmers upon whom Tyson Foods depends every day. Without the more than 11,000 independent livestock and poultry farmers who supply our company – including the 4,000 poultry, 4,000 cattle and 3,000 hog farmers – it would be impossible to produce enough food to meet customer demand. Thousands of row-crop farmers also contribute, growing the corn and other nutrients used in the feed that helps animals grow.


Reliability Starts With Great Suppliers


Tyson Foods enjoys the support of a wide range of suppliers and partners, and likewise cares about the companies with which we do business.


Supply Partners

Doing what’s right isn’t just a slogan for Tyson Foods. It’s a commitment that all of our Team Members, including our Board of Directors, are required to affirm every year through our Code of Conduct training. That means making certain both we and our 7,500 supply partners, who are requested to comply with Tyson Foods’ Supplier Code of Conduct, recognize our roles in assuring our customers and consumers that we’re operating in responsible, legal, and sustainable ways. Tyson Foods works diligently to support diverse supplier owners, and in recent years, our spending with minority-owned businesses has seen double-digit increases.


Quality Drives Global Reach


Growing international markets mean increased demand for safe, high-quality food.


International Influence

Tyson Foods produces products for customers around the world, exporting to about 130 countries. In addition, our company is playing a role in the global food supply for many emerging markets with production facilities in China, Brazil, Mexico, and India. Driving innovation, stability and safety abroad also positions Tyson Foods as a go-to supplier for leading restaurant, institutional and retail brands.


We’re Your Friends and Neighbors


With more than 400 offices and facilities worldwide, Tyson Foods is an integral part of many communities.


Local Communities

We are a company of farmers, truck drivers, veterinarians, plant workers and other people with many diverse skills. We volunteer, shop, vote and raise our families in communities across America and the globe. Tyson Foods is a significant employer and contributor to local economies both rural and urban. We make the places we live and work better by donating our food, time and talents to a variety of projects and causes.


Tyson Foods Facilities Found in 25 U.S. States


The vast majority of Tyson Foods’ 124,000 Team Members work at production facilities across the United States.


Opportunities Abound

More than 90 domestic production facilities make up Tyson Foods’ plant footprint. It stretches from Washington State to the Atlantic coast and back to Southern California. In each community, we provide employment with competitive pay and health care. Many Team Members who start in plant communities also move on to become company leaders. That includes our President and CEO Donnie Smith, who started as a field technician in Tennessee. Tyson Foods also has poultry operations in China and India.


Roots in the American Farmland


Springdale, Arkansas, has been the home of Tyson Foods since the company began in 1935.


Tyson Foods Corporate Campus

Our world headquarters on Don Tyson Parkway in Springdale, Ark., is home to more than 2,000 people who manage a variety of responsibilities from sales and marketing to information systems, quality assurance, safety, environmental stewardship, and research and development. The main campus includes a new museum of company history, a 39,000-square-foot pilot production plant and the 100,000-square-foot Tyson Discovery Center. A leader in creativity and safety, the Discovery Center team boasts dozens of culinologists, including the highest concentration of Certified Culinary Scientists in the world.


Delivering Trust, And 'the Next Big Thing'


From fast food to formal dining, Tyson Foods’ foodservice customers include some of the most respected restaurant brands in the business.


Foodservice and Restaurants

Restaurant customers look for value, unique dining experiences and new, great-tasting foods. That’s why so many national restaurant brands trust Tyson Foods to help meet those ever-changing needs across a variety of dining categories. We’re constantly developing innovations through a research and development facility we call the Tyson Discovery Center to help our partner restaurants tap into “the next big thing” in consumer preference. Our customers also include major foodservice companies that supply independent restaurants, U.S. military commissaries, and the National School Lunch Program.


Creating Choices For Consumers


Many of the nation’s major grocery chains and other retail food outlets collaborate with Tyson Foods to deliver quality fresh and frozen products for discriminating shoppers.


Trusted Retail Partners

Your grocer’s deli and meat-counter managers work hard to provide the products shoppers want. That’s why Tyson Foods collaborates closely with local and leading grocers, as well as other retail food outlets such as convenience stores, to develop choices and meal solutions that make sense for today’s families. Because more than 40 percent of Tyson Foods’ business is consumer products, we know it matters most when it’s for your kitchen.


Making Meal Time Memorable


Taste, nutrition, creativity and passion all play a role in making great food unforgettable.


Food and Togetherness

Even though sitting down together for a nightly meal doesn't happen in every household, we still believe meal time is prime time for memory making. Whether you’re on the go, or around the table with the ones you care about most, good times start with great food. Working together to produce food you want and trust creates lasting relationships among our team at Tyson Foods – much the same way your relationships might be nourished at meal time.

Our Story

Responsibility, Trust, Honesty, Collaboration

The relationships we develop with our suppliers, Family Farmers, coworkers, and other stakeholders are as vital to our success in business as they are in our lives.