Farm Families

Tyson Foods is one of the leading supporters of U.S. farm families, paying more than $15 billion in fiscal 2013 alone to independent farmers who supply us with livestock and poultry.


We rely on more than 11,000 farmers and expect them to provide healthy chicken, cattle and hogs that have been treated properly and raised with modern, proven animal care practices.


More than 4,000 farmers raise chickens for Tyson Foods. We supply the birds, feed and technical advice, while the farmers care for the chickens by providing the farm, housing and labor. The average farmer has been raising chickens for us for 15 years.


Our company does not own or operate any feedlots, so we buy cattle from 4,000 independent feeders and ranchers. They supply our beef plants in the Midwest, South and Pacific Northwest.


We buy pigs from almost 3,000 independent farmers to supply our pork plants in the Corn Belt. The farmers are expected to raise hogs that meet our standards for high quality pork.

Poultry Farmers

We’ve been working with poultry farmers on a contract basis since the 1940s. Some farm families have been raising chickens for us for three generations.

john tyson on farmers

Tyson Foods' relationship with farmers is the cornerstone of our business and sustaining that relationship is critical to our success and theirs.

A Day in the Life of a Broiler Chicken

Watch this video series about the life cycle of a broiler chicken, courtesy of the "Chicken Roost" channel.

By The Numbers

We pay farmers to supply livestock and chickens to Tyson Foods plants that operate in 18 states.

Economic Impact Infographic
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