"Do more to chicken, don’t do more chickens." 

Don Tyson


If you were born after 1983, you probably can’t imagine a childhood without chicken nuggets. Thanks to the groundwork of our Team Members, you don’t have to.

Making Mealtime Easier

In 1976, Tyson Foods introduced the Ozark Fry chicken patty for restaurants and other foodservice businesses. This was the company’s first truly innovative convenience product. Another ground-breaking product, chicken chunks, came directly from the chicken patty we were already making. The idea was simply to take the breaded, boneless patty and cut it into three or four small pieces that could be eaten by hand. The success of these items has inspired entire lines of products in our foodservice and retail markets. These include breaded nuggets, filets, tenderloins popcorn chicken, boneless wings, and new foods still to be discovered. Today, we ship more than 22,000 tons of Tyson® chicken nuggets per year.


Innovations in Fresh Beef and Pork

In the late 1960s, Iowa Beef Packers, a small company in Denison, Iowa, revolutionized the beef industry with the introduction of boxed beef. By shipping vacuum-packed sections of beef in boxes, the company (soon known as IBP) was able to greatly reduce the costs that had been associated with shipping whole carcasses to market, as explained here by IBP executive Dale Tinstman:

"It was a natural progression from the efficiencies of shipping carcasses to shipping boxed beef. There is a lot of wasted space in a modern truck or rail car filled with chilled sides of beef. A side of beef has an awkward shape – it can't be neatly packed, and a side has a lot of bones and trimmings that will never go into the meat case. It was logical to move to boxed beef."

Convenience Consumers Need

Consumers have always demanded quality and economical choices, whether they were purchasing food to serve at home or away. But with changing lifestyles, consumers’ demand for convenience was growing more and more important. By the end of the 1960s, we had almost fully moved from selling ice-pack poultry to offering families around the country deep-chill Tyson Country Fresh Chicken. Our poultry meats became a raw ingredient, a starting point, for new foods to meet these demands.


In the 1970s, we continued to process poultry, but we began to specialize in further processing. Our pre-packaged convenience foods began to dominate the sales mix of the 1970s with virtually no participation in the ice-pack poultry business. Today, we make 9 of the top 10 selling frozen prepared chicken products in the United States.


Mealtime Convenience with Case Ready

In the late 1990s, IBP began selling case-ready beef and pork, prepackaged and labeled cuts of fresh meat ready for the retail grocer to place directly into the meat case. In 2001, Tyson Foods purchased IBP, joining together the world’s two most innovative leaders in protein.

Careers at Tyson Foods

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