Partner Collaborations

Innovation Destination

The Tyson Discovery Center offers all the tools necessary to create great food with our customers and supply partners. Working together with our customers from the ground floor of a project allows us to generate ideas driven by consumer insights that become culinary-inspired products in the marketplace.


By working with our customers, we come to understand their consumers, their strategies, and their growth plans. This allows us to create customized ideas and, ultimately, products to fill their needs rather than just showing products that may or may not have relevance to what they are trying to accomplish.


We turn these culinary-inspired recipes into kitchen samples. After these samples are tested for manufacturing efficiency in our Pilot Plant, the product moves into full production at a cost that creates value for both our customer and Tyson Foods. Working together means getting great new products to the marketplace in the shortest time possible. That means our consumers get new delicious products they love and at a price they can afford, whether they buy them in the supermarket, or at their favorite restaurant.