Checking it Twice

Our Food Safety & Laboratory Services Network is an industry leader in developing rigorous food safety testing programs. In 2010, our Food Safety and Research Laboratory in Springdale, Arkansas, won the coveted Arkansas Governor’s Award for Performance Excellence.



Food Safety and Quality

Ensuring our products are high-quality and safe drives much of our daily work at our on-site branch laboratories in our food plants and other locations.

  • All lab tests detailed in Tyson Laboratory Manual
  • Ongoing training for plant management and lab technicians
  • Regularly scheduled audits to ensure accurate and uniform methodology and test results.


Animal Health

Tyson Foods’ flocks are vaccinated against specific diseases at our hatchery facilities before placement on farms.

  • Chickens routinely tested in our corporate laboratories to confirm adequate disease protection
  • Lab teams also test finished feed and feed ingredients to verify safety, quality, and nutritional content
  • All hatcheries monitored for molds and bacteria that may affect flock health


Protecting the Environment

Protecting our fragile environment is high on the list of priorities at our laboratories.

  • Frequent environmental tests to monitor wastewater
  • Labs use standard EPA methodologies for potable water and wastewater testing


Product Development

Our laboratory group works closely with our Research & Development team as we develop new products. Our Chemistry Department routinely performs the testing needed to determine nutritional content, and the R&D team uses that information for nutritional content labeling on product packaging.

  • From the farm, to the plant, and all the way to the loading dock, we perform multiple tests on our products and manufacturing environments to detect potential issues to food quality or safety.


WBA Labs

WBA Analytical Laboratories is the commercial name of our Laboratory Services group. We offer a full range of chemical and microbiological testing services to outside parties. For more information and our catalog visit