Top Chews

Top Chews

Bring out the best in your dog with Top Chews™ Chicken Jerky made with 100% natural ingredients in the USA.

  • Real American chicken
  • High Protein/No Fillers
  • Exclusively sold at Costco® Wholesale stores

Tyson Pet Products

Continuing Innovation with Tyson Pet Products

Doesn't your dog deserve the best? Tyson Pet Products has recently introduced several lines of dog chews and treats made with the highest quality ingredients and slow-roasted for a taste that dogs love. All these delicious dog treats are made right here in the USA.

Business Innovation

True Chews

True Chews® dog chews and treats are made with 100%-natural ingredients.

  • 100% American Farm-Raised Chicken
  • No Artificial Flavors/No Fillers
  • Official Treat Sponsor of the United States War Dogs Association



A paw, a lick, a gentle nuzzle. These are ways your dog shows love. Return the favor by giving your dog Nudges® Premium Jerky Cuts™ wholesome dog treats, packed with protein and made in the USA.

  • Real American Chicken
  • No Artificial Flavors
  • No Fillers

Business Innovation

Innovation beyond the Dinner Table

At Tyson Foods, we’re always looking for better ways to use our resources. In the past few years, we’ve explored opportunities in renewable energy, pet products, biotechnology, and nutraceuticals. Here are a few highlights about some of the great products we make for these industries.