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The "People of Prepared Podcast" is a quick and easy way to stay informed on what’s happening within the business and recognizes team members for their outstanding work.

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Prepared Foods news you need to know

In 12 minutes or less, Prepared Foods President Stewart Glendinning will deliver the business news you need to know as we profile the people of Prepared who drive Tyson’s growth every day.

By shining a light on wins through a shared platform, we can experience them together as a more connected team. Stewart believes everyone has a success story to share and plans to spotlight one every month.

Here's what to expect from the “People of Prepared Podcast":

  • Each monthly episode will feature Stewart delivering a Prepared Foods news nugget you need to know about the state of the business.
  • Our host Paige Preusse will provide a brief profile of people within the business, allowing you to get to know the people of Prepared more personally.
  • Episodes will be recorded at different Prepared Foods locations demonstrating success.

You can check your email and location stream on Beekeeper to find the most recent "People of Prepared Podcast" episode and previews of what to expect next.

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Meet the People of Prepared and Get Informed on the Business in 12 Minutes or Less

President Stewart Glendinning Touts Brand Success and Recognizes a Top Performing Plant
San Lorenzo, California

This is a thumbnail image of the first episode of the People of Prepared podcast.

Feat. Eddie Bell

In this 12-minute episode, Prepared Foods President Stewart Glendinning addresses wins within the business and recognizes the first of the three top-performing plants by spotlighting Manager Eddie Bell. He also shares a message with team members in Chicago who have been affected by the office closure.


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