Tyson Foods and Cobb Vantress Partner with OneEgg to Provide Sustainable Protein in Developing Countries Worldwide
One Egg Sustainable Egg Farm
About OneEgg

One Egg provides eggs to kids in developing countries who lack critical animal protein in their diets. Children who receive adequate amounts of protein are positively impacted for the rest of their lives with higher IQs, stronger mental development and better physical health. OneEgg has a global reach , with projects in Nepal, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Haiti, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Honduras, Nicaragua, Morocco and Uganda.




In partnership with OneEgg and in-country partner, Shreenagar, we are supplying eggs to 12 schools and approximately 600 children. In addition, Tyson Foods Fellows from Cobb-Vantress will supply chicken husbandry expertise to farmers. The project provides one egg-a-day for three-days-a-week to the children from Rupandehi, Palpa and Kathmandu district. Kathmandu lies in the central part of Nepal, Rupandehi represents the low land of western Nepal and Palpa represents the hilly district of western Nepal.


Haiti One Egg Chicken Houses Construction


Tyson Foods and Cobb Vantress, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tyson Foods, partnered with OneEgg in FY2017 to launch a sustainable egg farm in Haiti, which is producing much-needed protein for undernourished children and an ongoing economic boost for the local community. We provided a nearly $350,000 grant to OneEgg, a nonprofit that delivers eggs to children in developing countries.




In partnership with One Egg and in-country partner, Project Mercy, we will introduce the production and consumption of eggs into the Yetebon community of Ethiopia. Approximately 220 children in Project Mercy’s Pre-K and kindergarten school and rural families in Meskan Woreda will be impacted by this initiative. The program will begin with 150 families raising chickens; Project Mercy will maintain 300 to 500 layers on its farm while distributing 1,500 to 2,000 pullets to the community.

One Egg in Honduras


In the first 1,000 days this program, run by in-country partner Honduras Outreach, will provide to expecting mothers and their families. While the program will initially serve 100 families, the region’s 20,000 people and 12,000 families represent a significant market to impact. Child nutrition will be tracked in the Valley of Sierra de Agalta, Olancho. Consumption of an egg a day contributes to protein, vitamin and mineral intake presently lacking in local residents’ daily diet. It will also contribute to strengthen household food security by creating a protein consumption habit, and highlighting its importance from the early development stages of pregnancy.

OneEgg is a perfect example of our purpose coming to life and the integration of sustainable thinking throughout our work.

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