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@TysonFoods Top Social Media Moments of 2018

Logan Webster, Communications Specialist and Social Media Strategy

Let's take a quick look back: these posts are 2018's most popular to date from @TysonFoods on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

MtM Florence

1. Meals that Matter, Hurricane Florence

No surprise here. In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, @TysonFoods team members traveled from 19 separate #TysonCommunities to provide a total of 868,970 meals to those in North Carolina. For a look at all the content from this initiative, check out #MtMFlorence on Facebook or Twitter.  

2. Meals that Matter, Hurricane Michael

Mere days after volunteering team members returned home from North Carolina, disaster struck the Gulf Coast. Team members once again answered the call, providing over 1.2 million meals to those in need.


Fun Fact: #1 & #2 are consolidations of each respective #MealsThatMatter effort for 2018. If these posts were to be listed individually, they would account for 8 of the top 10 spots!

Tax savings

3. Tax Reform Savings

These funds provided a bonus to more than 100,000 team members, were dedicated to team member enhancement, and accelerated capital projects across operations and plant communities. Stealing someone else’s line here: It's the right thing to do – and frankly, it makes good business sense. 



4. Fortune's Most Admired

In January, for a second consecutive year, @TysonFoods took the #1 spot for food production companies on Fortune's Most Admired Companies list. Who's ready for a three-peat? 

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Tyson Emma

5. Tyson Emma Facility 

This video showcased how we're meeting the needs of team members and utilizing technology in modern workspaces, all while contributing to a historic downtown district in Northwest Arkansas! (If you beat me in ping pong, I'll buy you lunch).

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6. Humboldt Groundbreaking

This new #TysonCommunity's enthusiasm landed them a spot in our top 10. Any Humboldt post gets met with sheer excitement as locals anticipate completion of the world’s most advanced, high-tech poultry processing plant and the over 1,500 jobs it will bring.

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Memphis Meats

7. Keystone Foods Acquisition

Finalized in November, the Keystone Foods acquisition is a significant step forward for the company's global strategy. I look forward to the content this acquisition will bring in 2019 as we welcome new team members and their #TysonCommunities! 

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8. Memphis Meats Investment

Plant-based protein brought a new crowd to our platforms in high volumes, securing the #8 spot for this investment by the venture capital fund Tyson Ventures. Tyson Venture's pursuit of technologies, business models, and products are meeting an aggressive global demand for protein head on.

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Hog call

9. One Hog Call

Team members in Springdale joined University of Arkansas Razorback fans around the world and "called the hogs" the day before the football team's season opener. Afterward, @TysonFoods got recognized as one of four "Hog Call Champions" by the University's Athletic Director. As a University alum and former employee of the athletic department, the chance to coordinate this event is a fond memory of 2018. Woo Pig!

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10. Time to Vote

A national pledge by @TysonFoods to the #TimeToVote campaign spurred the company to host voter registration drives at several locations. This initiative brought team members together through an individual right to the democratic process. Moving forward, @TysonFoods has committed to planning voter registration drives for team members every two years to coincide with the major election cycle.

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Thanks for walking through some of 2018's greatest stories with me. Check out the hashtags #RaisingExpectations & #TysonCommunities for more great stories from 2018.

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Published January 2, 2019.

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