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From Farm to Family Table: Asia and Mahogany Scroggins, Twin Truck Drivers

MORGAN WATCHOUS, Communications Manager, Poultry Public Relations

Asia and Mahogany Scroggins are 24-year-old twin truck drivers, committed to each other, their jobs and our customers. To learn more about trucking from this dynamic duo, they opened their door and let me climb in for a quick Q&A.

asia and mahogany

Q: How did you get into truck driving?

Our father is a truck driver, so we’ve always been around trucks. When we were little, we would go out on the road with him during our spring and summer breaks from school. We loved the freedom, eating fast food every day and seeing the country and all the big cities. He would let us turn the wheel, honk the horn and talk on the radio to other truckers.

When we graduated high school, we weren’t sure what we were going to do. We wanted to do something that made us happy, so we entered truck driving school. We received our commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) on a Thursday, and the following Monday, we were in orientation at Tyson Foods in Springdale.

Q: Do you like working and living together?

A lot of twins don’t get along, because of how they were raised. But we were raised to be close. We’re best friends; we support each other. Being together makes us feel safer. Our mom and dad feel better too, knowing we’re out here together. Driving trucks isn’t easy; you have to be mentally strong– being away from family, going through the things you go through on the road. If one of us is having a bad day, we know we have someone who genuinely loves us and supports us. We have each other’s back.

A lot of companies don’t take team drivers. That’s one thing we love about Tyson, they really appreciate family. They’ve never tried to separate us.

Q: What is your favorite thing about driving?

Asia: I love feeding America. I love being able to move this food up and down the road and know that tonight a mom will be feeding her kids with food we delivered.

Mahogany: I love traveling and seeing the country. Our childhood wasn’t perfect. For a long time, I thought Dallas was all there was. I get a kick out of seeing different cities and meeting new people.

Q: Any favorite cities, so far?

Mahogany: If you’d asked me a couple weeks ago, I would’ve said Cincinnati. Go Bengals! But now, I have to say New York City. There are so many people and cultures. The city is so alive.

Asia: Cincinnati! It’s just so pretty. We were driving from Columbus at night and there was nothing around us. Then, there were all these lights from the skyline. It was amazing.

Q: What's it like driving for Tyson Foods?

We didn’t know much about Tyson before truck driving school. Since then, we’ve learned about the company and met other drivers who have driven for the company for 10-15 years and Tyson has been good to them. We’re 23 and Tyson has been very good to us.

Our truck recently broke down in West Virginia. Our team knew I had an important meeting the next day in Dallas and they didn’t want me to miss it. Tyson paid for us to fly home out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company didn’t have to do that.

We’re not only feeding America, but we’re growing up on the road – Tyson is giving us the chance to do it with them.

asia and mahogany close

Q: What’s something interesting people might not know about driving for Tyson?

Tyson doesn’t just throw things away. If a box is damaged on the outside, stores won’t accept it. But if the product and packaging isn’t damaged, we donate that food to fire departments, correctional facilities, shelters. Tyson just does the right thing. During training, we had a case of chicken thighs that we donated to a church in Alabama and they were so happy to have it. That felt really good!

Q: What advice do you have for the next generation of drivers?

If it’s something you want to do -- just do it. It was a decision my sister and I made together. Tyson made the process very easy for us and it’s been a great experience.

Q: In the overall food system -- from farm to table -- where does your job fit in?

Our job has purpose. We are feeding America. And that makes us feel good. It makes our family feel good. And we get to educate a lot of people about Tyson Foods. They see our truck and say ‘Oh, that chicken company’ and we tell them Tyson Foods is a food company, not a chicken company. Tyson Foods provides pork and beef as well as pizza toppings and tortillas. It feels like that is part of our purpose too.

Published May 21, 2019.

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