Theadora "Thea" Ross

Senior Developer, IT Emerging Technologies
Thea Ross

Thea Ross is a Senior Developer for Emerging Tech IT at Tyson Foods. She began her career at Tyson Foods in the Summer of 2016 as an IT intern. Her pursuit of finding a career in data analytics led her to meet who is now Director of Applications in IT Emerging Tech, Chad Wahlquist. Post-internship, Thea then worked with Chad's team, managing and manipulating data in a big data ecosystem and helped develop an IoT data ingestion framework for plant water usage. Now, she's in a career position that allows her to develop skills with new technologies and apply them to practical opportunities within Tyson Foods.

Before joining Tyson, Thea earned her Bachelors of Business Administration in Management of Information Systems at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock.

Outside of work, Thea busies herself with self-study and online courses on computer vision and neural networks, outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking, personal fitness, and video gaming.

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Thea Ross
A Voice at the Table: Driving Change with Technology
NOV 8, 2018

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