Ian Whitlow

Creative Strategist
Ian Whitlow

Ian Whitlow is a Creative Strategist for the Tyson Foods corporate brand. In this role, he combines his experience in storytelling and video production with a passion for seeing creative work meet real-world communication needs.

Ian joined the Tyson Foods team in January 2017. Before that, he was Lead Storyteller at Explainify, an animation studio that specializes in helping brands, startups and nonprofits tell better stories. He earned his Master of Arts in English from University of Arkansas, with an emphasis in literacy studies.

When he’s not working, Ian has a hard time sitting still. He spends most of his spare time baking bread or cycling across miles of beautiful Arkansas trails, but he’s also currently dreaming up an app, working on his first stand-up set, and dabbling in documentary filmmaking. If you have any tips for developing focus in life, he’d love to hear them.

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