Ash Shackelford

Content Developer & Assistant Web Strategist,

Ash Shackelford works as Content Developer and Assistant (to the) Web Strategist for Tyson Foods. As a dutiful child, Ash took “stay in school” way too literally. Realizing his mistake, he recently dropped out of the 25th grade to join the workforce. As a recovering academic, he tries not to express an informed decision on every topic. He is obviously very fun at parties.

His superpower is a practical understanding of the nature of Reality and the plurality of worlds. While this arcane knowledge does not make Ash an actual wizard, it does help him dominate the office’s biweekly lunchtime trivia contest.

When he’s not raising expectations at Tyson, Ash enjoys neglecting housework, pretending to be a writer and watching cartoons with his daughter, Lydia.