Antibiotic Use

Tyson Foods is the world’s largest producer of no-antibiotics-ever (NAE) chicken. All chickens raised for the Tyson® brand for retail, the Tyson Red Label® brand and the Tyson True® Tenderpressed® brand for Foodservice, and the Tyson® brand for K-12 schools are grown without using any antibiotics – ever.  

We’ve been able to reduce the use of antibiotics in our chicken flocks through the use of antibiotics alternatives, such as essential oils and botanicals – like oregano, thyme, yucca and peppers – and we also use probioticslike the good bacteria found in yogurt – as another antibiotic alternative to help with our chickens’ digestive health, as well as improved housing and breeding practices.

Because of our commitment to animal welfare we will still treat sick flocks with antibiotics when necessary, however, these birds will not be used for products sold under the NAE label.  We report on the use of antibiotics in our chicken business in our annual SUSTAINABILITY REPORT.

Tyson Fresh Meats also markets beef and pork under the OPEN PRAIRIE NATURAL® brand that is produced from cattle and pigs raised without antibiotics.