Meal Inspirations

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Staying Ahead of Food Trends

Creating an elaborate meal from a precise recipe can often be a daunting task. Gathering and prepping numerous ingredients can sometimes feel more challenging than the actual cooking. But an emerging trend, meal inspirations, promises to put some fun back in the kitchen.

Our chefs and culinary experts at the Tyson Discovery Center™ stay ahead of all the latest food trends, including this one. Chef Alexa recently created some fun and, more importantly, delicious meal inspirations using a few of our own brands and products.

Meal inspirations focus on the dish, not the recipe. They give the home cook license to customize and prepare the dish the way they want it.

What are Meal Inspirations?

The traditional recipe is evolving, both in its role and format. That’s where meal inspirations have begun to emerge. Rather than having the traditional teaspoons, tablespoons, and step-by-step instructions, meal inspirations are all about the experience.

Meal inspirations can come from any number of sources: a photo in a magazine or social media, a travel video that shows off another country’s cuisine, or a great find from your local grocery store you want to use for a special dinner.

Home cooks often want to substitute items they have on hand to reduce cost and avoid wasting food. Many people are looking to avoid certain foods because of allergies, special diets, or personal preference. And more and more of us are looking for new ways to use a prepared food as a starting point to make a more elaborate meal.

All these desires play into the meal inspiration trend. Meal inspirations can also free cooks to experiment and try something new.

Meal Inspirations from Chef Alexa

Here are a few ways to elevate your next dining experience using some of our products without worrying about teaspoons and tablespoons!

Meal Inspirations Aidells Chicken and Apple Sausage
Aidells® Chicken and Apple Sausage

Flatbread with fig jam, goat cheese, greens, and balsamic reduction

Meal Inspirations Ball Park Burgers
Ball Park® Burgers

Whole grain mustard, crispy onions, smoked gouda, and Bibb lettuce

Meal Inspirations Tyson Premium Cornish Hen
Tyson® Premium Cornish Hen

Marmalade rubbed and roasted Cornish hen, potatoes, pearl onions, fennel, rosemary

At the end of the day, food should be fun. It’s a way to bring people together to enjoy new and exciting ingredients.