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About Our China Operations

We began our journey in China in 2001. Today, we proudly serve our customers with products from four distinct operations, Tyson Nantong, Tyson Dalong, Tyson Rizhao, and Tyson Weifang.


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Tyson Nantong – Jiangsu Tyson Foods Co.

Jiangsu Tyson Foods Co., Ltd., was founded in 2008 and is located in the Jiangsu province near Shanghai. This wholly-owned business is a fully integrated poultry complex with live production operations and processing capacity. The company operates the entire live production chain, including breeder production, hatchery, broiler and feed production. At Tyson Nantong, we’ve built modern farm and processing facilities according to our rigorous global food production standards. Our expertise in food safety brings safe, high-quality chicken to Chinese consumers.
Tyson Dalong – Shandong Tyson Dalong Food Co., Ltd.

Shandong Tyson Dalong Food Co., Ltd., is the first modern food processing company in China formed as a result of the collaboration between Tyson International Holdings Co., Ltd., and Shandong Zhucheng Waimao Co., Ltd. The operation has two cutting-edge processing plants and a separate marinating plant. Established in 2001, Tyson Dalong is located in Zhucheng Waimao Industrial Park in Shandong province and is at the forefront of the company's efforts to implement advanced technology and methods to develop and produce par-fried chicken products.
Tyson Rizhao – Tyson Shandong

In 2009, we initiated a joint venture in the Shandong province with three poultry plants in the area. In August 2011, Tyson Foods assumed full ownership of this business, which serves quick-service restaurants and retail outlets. Tyson Rizhao is a fully integrated poultry complex located in Juxian Industrial Park.

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Shandong Tyson-Dalong Food Co., Ltd.

Address: East End of Mizhou Road, ZhuCheng,

Shandong Province, China

Post Code: 262200


Sales Hotline: 0536-608 0168

Fax: 0536-608 9975


Jiangsu Tyson Foods Co., Ltd.
Haimen Tyson Poultry Development Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 1 Taiseng Road, Binhai Development Zone, Dongzaogang, Haimen, Jiangsu Province  

Postcode: 226156


Sales Hotline: 021-2411 7699

Fax: 021-5490 2008


Rizhao Tyson Foods Co., Ltd.
Rizhao Tyson Poultry Co., Ltd.

Address: Juxian Industrial Park (North of Middle Weifang Road), Rizhao, Shandong Province  

Postcode: 276500


Sales Hotline: 0633-395 2888