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Faith-friendly Is in Our Culture

Most people at Tyson Foods come to work with spiritual commitments. They value the relationships in their lives. They come with a set of beliefs about themselves and their world and how one should live in the world. Even those who say they are not "religious" often still bring these spiritual values with them. Here at Tyson Foods, these faith and spiritual commitments are valued and respected.

Our Chaplains Are There to Serve

Our Chaplain Services group reflects our commitment to creating a faith-friendly workplace. Our Chairman, John Tyson, headed up our efforts to create a workplace chaplaincy program in 2000. Organized as ministers in the workplace, these fellow Team Members represent a variety of religious faith backgrounds. Each chaplain is specially equipped by training and temperament to serve the wide depth and breadth of faith traditions held by their fellow Team Members, including those Team Members who claim no faith tradition.

When our chaplains are successful in helping Team Members having difficulties with life events, such as the death of a loved one, divorce, separation from family, parenting problems, and other relationship problems, our company is successful in caring for our people. Team Members are served at 265 facilities and offices across the globe by more than 120 chaplains.