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Ways We Care - Environment

Our Commitment

to the Environment

Environmental protection and resource conservation are responsibilities we

take seriously and consider crucial components to conducting our business in a responsible manner.

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See the "Environment" content in our Sustainability Report.

Our Policy

With our Core Values as our foundation, it is our policy to conduct business in a safe, responsible manner with respect for the environment and for the well-being of our Team Members, customers, and neighboring communities. Learn More >>

Conserving Water

Water conservation has been an important area of focus for us for many years. We employ programs and technologies to conserve this natural resource. Our first priority is to ensure the safety of our food products, and we will never reduce water usage in situations where food safety could be compromised.

We are pleased with the water conservation efforts made and the results we have achieved so far. Our water conservation efforts, along with several facility closures, have led to a water usage reduction of 2.9 percent since October 2004. Learn More >>

On The Farm

Tyson Foods depends on independent Family Farmers to supply livestock and poultry. To recognize the environmental efforts of those farmers, we have a Poultry Environmental Stewardship Awards program. Learn More >>

Carbon Footprint

We’ve been tracking, calculating and publicly reporting our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions since 2004. We continue working with the U.S. EPA regarding GHG inventory information related to mandatory GHG reporting requirements. We’ve made important strides in the areas of energy efficiency, fuel consumption and renewables. Learn More >>

Sustainability Report

Sustainability touches every aspect of our company, including people, planet, profit, and products. Learn More >>