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Why Animal Well-Being is Important


One of our Core Values is to "serve as stewards of the animals, land and environment entrusted to us." Taking proper care of animals—treating them responsibly and with respect—is the right thing to do. It also makes great business sense.

The Tyson Foods FarmCheck™ animal well-being program includes third-party on-farm audits, an advisory panel of animal well-being experts from around the country, and support of research on improving animal live production.


"Here's what I want people to know: at Tyson, we care enough to check on the farm; and we’re determined to find better, smarter ways to care for and raise healthy animals."

Donnie Smith

Tyson Foods President and CEO


Putting our Words into Action
Whether in our plants or on the farm, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to better serve the farmers who supply us poultry and livestock, as well as our customers and consumers. We’ve had a corporate office of animal well-being since 2000 and our commitment to responsible stewardship of the animals entrusted to us is part of our company’s Core Values – to which all 115,000 of our Team Members subscribe.


FarmCheck™ Program
Our FarmCheck™ program and other related initiatives are a natural extension of our long-standing commitment to responsible farm animal care. The program is a comprehensive initiative covering all of our livestock and poultry suppliers.

Our four guiding principles for animal well-being are:
Caring Enough on the Farm, in Person: Our new, audit program – called the Tyson FarmCheck™ Program – uses third-party auditors to check on the farm for such things as animal access to food and water, as well as proper human-animal interaction and worker training.

Being Humble Enough to Seek Expert Advice: A new, external Animal Well-Being Advisory Committee has been established and includes experts in the fields of farm animal behavior, health, production and ethics. In addition to other responsibilities, the committee will help determine research priorities and review the audit program recommending any needed improvements.

Being Curious Enough to Find Better Ways: Tyson Foods also is developing a new Farm Animal Well-Being Research Program. With guidance from the advisory committee, we will review existing research as well as fund and promote additional research that we believe will lead to continued improvements in animal raising methods.

Being Committed Enough to Give it our Full Attention: Tyson Foods is giving animal well-being our fullest attention. That’s why we have appointed a special team of senior leaders from key areas of the company to oversee all of our efforts around animal well-being and animal welfare. Dr. Dean Danilson, formerly Vice President of Food Safety & Quality Control for the company, is now Vice President of Animal Well-Being Programs. He and his staff will manage our effort around these important issues.


Position Statements
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