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Why Animal Well-Being is Important


One of our Core Values is to "serve as stewards of the animals, land and environment entrusted to us." Taking proper care of animals—treating them responsibly and with respect—is the right thing to do. It also makes great business sense. We’ve had a corporate office of animal well-being, currently led by Dr. Christine Daugherty, since 2000 and we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to better serve the farmers who supply us poultry and livestock, as well as our customers and consumers.


Farm Check™ Program


The Tyson Foods FarmCheck™ animal well-being program includes third-party on-farm audits, an advisory panel of animal well-being experts from around the country, and support of research on improving animal live production.

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Position Statements

For Tyson Foods’ position on animal well-being and other topics such as gestation stalls,

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